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Train the Trainer

  • A training program designed to teach students, teachers, bankers  and parents on becoming trainers of the FDIC Money Smart Modules.  

  • BFCC utilizes FDIC Money Smart online as our main training tool.

Money Smart Ambassador Program

Money Smart for Young Adults- English & Spanish


  • Bank On It – Introduction of bank services

  • Check It Out- How to choose and keep a checking account


  • Setting Financial Goals – How to keep track of your money


  • Pay Yourself First – Why you should save, save, save


  • Borrowing Basics – an Introduction to credit


  • Charge It Right – How to make a credit card work for you


  • Paying for College and Cars – Know what you are borrowing before you buy


  • A Roof Over Your Head- what home ownership and renting are all about.


A group of business individuals came together for the first time in 2012 to form the first Financial Education Summit and in 2014 earned the support of Congressman Vela and have been organizing the Congressional Financial Education Summit in Brownsville, Texas annually. By collaborating with school districts, universities, colleges, businesses, nonprofits, and other banks we have managed to conduct the Congressional Financial Education Summit for the past 5 years with a zero budget.

  • LINCOLN PARK HIGH SCHOOL is a BISD high school providing assistance to students that are young mothers trying to graduate from High School.    

  • BFCC developed a special training to reach them instead of the Ambassador’s Program.

  • BFCC visits the classrooms and board members or  business partners are scheduled to conduct classroom trainings. 

  • FDIC Money smart modules are presented and students are encouraged to go thru the online training and obtain their certificates.

  • BFCC also includes other trainings that can help them improve their lifestyle such as a.  how to complete their job applications/resumes.

  • We must continue to enable to add this curriculum into the Economic Classes 

  • To ensure that every Senior graduating has completed their financial education training before graduating. 

  • We conducted several Money Smart Training sessions for Economic teachers 

  • At BISD.  

  • Every High School student must take and pass an economic class and therefore we are encouraging the Economic teacher to utilize the Money Smart modules and as the student completes the modules they receive a certificate directly from FDIC online , in this manner we would have certified that each student has gone thru the program and has taken Financial Education classes before they graduate from high school.

Parent involvement Program

  • Parent earn 10 points  by completing the Train the Trainer classes and taking the entire FDIC Money Smart modules.  

  • They continue to earn points for every class they teach and every training they continue to take.

  • At the end of the program BFCC will conduct a graduation for the parents for accomplishing a minimum of 50  points

  • They will earn points for learning and training…

  • This year we have implemented this program at BISD working closely with Rosalva Larrasquitu, Parental Development Director at BISD  who will be heading up this program.

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  • Teaching parents on the basic Financial Education training La Feria ISD

  • How to develop a Business plan

  • Setting financial budget

  • Marketing your business

  • Pay yourself First

  • And soon to add Tax implications/Tax reporting, etc

  • BFCC is teaching this in La Feria and we will soon implement this training with other community groups.


  • BFCC developed curriculum for parents to assist them to learn how to save for college for their children which in an elementary level.

  • The training along with a savings bank is given to the parent along with the student to encourage their savings accounts to grow for college.

  • BFCC started this pilot program in La Feria Parental  group. Lone Star bank partnered with us and donated the cowboy cash little bank to encourage both parent and student to save for college.

  • We are utilizing this same concept at the Labor of Love Christmas program at Lincoln Park High School this December 2019. 


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